Sitecore Training: 3Test Questions from the Certification for Sitecore 6 in London

Here are 3 official questions. I will not provide answers. It a training for you. ;-)

1. How is it possible to include a Sublayout on a Layout?
  Statically bind the Sublayout control directly on the Layout.
  Both of the other answers are correct.
  Dynamically bind the Sublayout control with a Placeholder on the Layout.

2. Sitecore supports which model for developing in Visual Studio 2010 in the .NET 4.0 Framework?
  ASP.NET Web Application
  ASP.NET Web Site (Razor)
  ASP.NET Web Site

3. The Service Description data template contains a Sales Territories field of type Droptree. What is the best way of displaying the Title field of the items selected in the Sales Territories field?
   1: DroptreeField droptreeField = currentItem.Fields["Sales Territory"];

   2: em salesTerritoryItem = droptreeField.InnerField.Item;

   3: Text = salesTerritoryItem["Title"]; 



   6: ValueLookupField valueLookupField = currentItem.Fields["Sales Territory"];

   7: em salesTerritoryItem = valueLookupField.InnerField.Item;

   8: Text = salesTerritoryItem["Title"]; 



  11: ReferenceField referenceField = currentItem.Fields["Sales Territory"];

  12: Text = referenceField.TargetItem["Title"];