Sitecore Training: Round-Robin Questions and Review for Module 2

Here are the very basic Sitecore questions with answers:

1. What is an item?
An item is an addressable unit of content.

2. How are an item’s fields defined? In other words, what defines an item?
Data templates define items with fields and field types.

3. What are the advantages of template inheritance?
The advantages of template inheritance are numerous: developers create complex content types by
inheriting from base data templates; standardized fields across data templates lets developers easily
create presentation components; and allows business users see normalized field names and field
types for content they create and edit. In addition, if not overridden, template standard values are
inherited, allowing developers to easily describe default values for fields as well as define default
settings such as insert options and layout details.

4. What is the name of the data template that ALL data templates inherit from?
Standard Template

5. Where are default values set?
Template Standard Values known also as the __Standard Values item.

6. Give an example of when you would use a default value?
There are two type of default values: Dynamic and Static. Dynamic values are tokens, like $name,
$date, and $id. This values are defined when an item is created (when the object has been
instantiated). Static values are hard coded, such as a default value for database field. A good
example for when to use a dynamic default value (like $name) is when you want to capture the item
name into a given field such as a Menu Title field. For a checkbox field named Required, a good
default value might be 1, which means checked.

7. What are Insert Options?
Insert options allow business users to create child items. There are three types of insert options:
data templates, branch templates or command templates. It is possible to override the behaviour
defined insert options using Insert Rules and/or the modifying the <uiGetMasters  pipeline.

8. What’s a best practice for defining insert options?
As a best practice, developers should define insert options on the __Standard Values item of the
given data template.