How to delete more than one item in Sitecore Content tree?

Learning from mistakes

Last time I did an Import of 113 Items in the wrong location below the Home item. Quite bad.
Hmm what should I do now. Clicking more 200 time delete and confim with ok?
No never there must be a better solution. When TYPO3 can do bulk delete an creating pages than Sitecore CMS must have this function somewhere. But no way. There is no function in Content Editor or Page editor for that.

Ask Google

So I googled for bulk and multi delete keywords with the "Sitecore" prefix, but no really usefull result I found. This sound after the most promissing:

  • Sitecore Explorer: View the content tree for multiple websites and multiple databases; delete, edit, or drag and drop multiple items simultaneously. 

That sound exatly what I was looking for. Sadly I need to install Sitecore rocks for a thing whitch should be there for evey editor. Dear Sitecore please implement a bulk delete, edit and create function for various Items. And yes they did. In Sitecore 7 you can bulk delete Item Buckets. But only in bucket Items.


  1. Install Sitecore Rocks for Visual Studio 2012/2012/2013. 
  2. Connect to you Site.
  3. Go to Sitecore Explorer and do the prefered location.
  4. Multi select the Items with Shift of CTL key. Choose delete control in Context Menu with right mouseclick.
Sitecore Explorer in Sitecore Rocks. Choose the right DB an go to your preferred location.