Sitecore 7:remove links job

Recently I wonder why many links where missing in my multi list field.

In the log I found many entries like this:

ManagedPoolThread #9 15:58:43 INFO  Job started: RemoveLinks
ManagedPoolThread #9 15:58:43 INFO  AUDIT (sitecore\user): Remove link: master:/sitecore/content/Home/Solutions/Business Units/Additives/Polymer Additives/Text Box, language: en, version: 1

When you delete items with references a small dialog will pop up asking you:

- just remove links. If a item is link 500 times they are gone!
- link references to a new item
- leave links. This will be logged in the "broken link report"

Take care when removing items (Option 1)! Linking them to new items, which you have to create before, is mostly the better option.

Happy linking.