Sitecore / UG / CH: Interesting Github projects and tools


During talks on Sitecore and .NET events I heared about stuff that I didn't knew before. Here is a short list of cool github projects tools and principles.

Packaging tools:

Sitecore Unicorn
Unicorn is a utility for Sitecore that solves the issue of moving templates, renderings, and other database items between Sitecore instances. This becomes problematic when developers have their own local instances - packages are error-prone and tend to be forgotten on the way to production. Unicorn solves this issue by using the Serialization APIs to keep copies of Sitecore items on disk along with the code - this way, a copy of the necessary database items for a given codebase accompanies it in source control.

Sitecore Ship
Ship provides a CI (Continuous integration) service layer for Sitecore.

Continuous integration tools

  1. Jenkins former Hudson My number 1 because I love OpenSource, and is a common tool.
  2. Bamboo by Atlassian because  its nicly integrated with jira,...
  3. TeamCity by JetBrains JetBrains deliver excellent Software tools

There many,many more tools to explore.
See here: Comparison

Unit Testing

Sitecore FakeDB

FakeDb substitutes real Sitecore providers with fake "in-memory" providers to avoid calls to database or configuration. The providers does not replicate real Sitecore behavior but used mainly as stubs with minimal logic. They can be replaced with mocks in unit tests using provider switchers.

Performance testing tools:

- Jmeter
- Browser Network monitor
- dotTrace by Jetbrains

Have fun exploring those tools.