Sitecore Certification 7.2: Short recapture of a 4 day course in Switzerland

In February 2015 we had an onsite Training with almost 10 developers in Baden / Switzerland at Infocentrics great new creative space. The rooms are awesome and a perfect place for trainings. See here.
Julian Bagdahn from Sitecore Germany gave us excellent introduction of Sitecore CMS 7.2. The emphasis is on the word introduction or let’s say overview. Sitecore CMS became a huge monster with tons of functionality and features. For example the web.config is approx. 3500 lines big. In Sitecore CMS version 7.2 lucene search was added that also brought a huge benefit for enterprise CMS applications.

Course Content and Material

We pasted Topics like Sitecore API, Advanced Presentation Concepts, Page Editor Config, Marketing Functionalities covered in Sitecore DMS (= Digital Marketing Suite). There were also a section called real world solution and practicable topics e.g. recommended Practices. The Sitecore training material is great. We got all the slides that were presented. We worked with 2 Sitecore solutions provided by Sitecore far before the training. A travel agency solution for bikes, and a blank 7.2. Also after every chapter we were asked questions that helped to check if we understood the chapter main learnings.


All of us passed the exam. Here are the sections and parts of my results. No guatantee!

No incorrect answers in this section
Custom Experience buttons are added to the toolbar that shows in the Page Editor when the editor selects…
I think the correct answer was that a component or a field will bring up the buttons.

No incorrect answers in this section
No incorrect answers in this section
No incorrect answers in this section
What is the use of a Sitecore Placeholder Web Control on a Layout?
Only Dynamic binding should be the right answer.
No incorrect answers in this section
Why would you create the Visual Studio solution outside the webroot?
Visual Studio solution becomes more portable when you put them outside the webroot. Use the deploy feature of VS to copy files to webroot automatically.

No incorrect answers in this section
Sitecore Overview
No incorrect answers in this section

After even 10 Sitecore projects a learned a lot and found spots where we can improve. I can recommend this Sitecore training. It will boost your development time and hopefully improve your code quality.

Mind the gap

“Don’t fight the framework!”
“Think about Standard values”
“Never use Security disabler, use Security switcher!”

Good luck for the exam and happy learning.
We are looking forward to the Sitecore 8 certification in Sep. 2015.
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