Sitecore pricing: Fighting the jungle.

Today I want to share some slides from a Sitecore DACH webinar regarding the new pricing of Sitecore. To not disappoint readers I will not show any numbers and prices. There was no confidential information during the webinar but still I assume there is one. This post is just to understand the different price models and server types. I plan to build a small and easy calculation form to help you to choose that model that fits best to your customer. Keep in mind that your customer’s platform may grow and in 1 or 2 years you need more dev workstations, user CALs, testing environments and modules. It might be useful to choose a bit bigger and future safe model.

Another abbreviation information:
CM = Content management = this is the authoring environment where editors put content in.
CD = Content Delivery = this are the publishing instances. If you have a lot of traffic on you website you can put n pieces of those servers. A default server architecture has 1 CM and 2 CDs.

The webinar began with the challenges that Sitecore faces:

Guiding principles for platform pricing

·        Upgrades should be driven by production requirements, not by development. (so true)
·        Same price for CM and CD
·        Enterprise should get a lot MORE 

Price matrix:

Comments regarding max. Prod Installs:

Primary Plus
1 CM and 1 CD. Having 2 CD is not always needed. Depends on the traffic you expect.

Pro and Pro Plus
1 CM and 2 CDs. This is the classical architecture.
For example: 1 CM in Europe and 1 CM in China paired with 2 CDs each.

Comments regarding max. Non-Prod Installs:

By non Non Prod are meant DEV, INT, TEST, Staging,… environments. In smaller projects may one Test or Staging server environment is enough. But if you have only one license for those CM and CD are on the same server! This is possible but for testing, publishing and lucene index rebuild sometimes not ideal. To have a real 1:1 Prod and testing environment choose Pro Plus license model.

Comments regarding Domains included:

Multi domain strategy:
The rule of thumb is your content tree. If you have 5 website roots below /Sitecore/content/ you go with Pro plus or even enterprise license. In that case you have dedicated websites for different or similar purpose and different layout and /or shared modules.

One domain strategy:
If you have one .com domain e.g. with 18 languages as your central digital footprint entry point. Also you have 50 “redirect” domains like,,…that point to the .com domain. In that I case, those redirect domains are NOT counted as domains. You can go with Primary Plus license. That’s how I understood it. Happy about any constructive feedback or comment.

Comments regarding Dev Workstations included:

If your solution is implemented by a Sitecore Partner e.g. Infocentric, you don’t care about this point. If you plan to develop by your own with the internal IT you need to care about this. Keep in mind the cost for a at least minimum 4 days developer training for your IT people.

New Server types

Azure Platform as as Service Diagramm


If you have any feedback, complains, comments let me now. I happy about learning or and productive discussion.