Short Intro to Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub allows you to take charge of your entire content life cycle. In a single integrated solution, you can unify content planning, production, collaboration, and management. Own the entire content management and delivery life cycle from plan to publish across all channels.

Sitecore Content Hub:

Allows for review of existing content to aid planning and creation of new and complementary content
  • Curates modular content with metadata to support sophisticated experiences
  • Defines content ownership and governance
  • Offers agile content authoring, reviewing, annotating
  • Manages content and provides all stakeholders with a single version of truth
  • Leverages content across channels to elevate the customer experience
  • Measures effectiveness in context and facilitates fact-based decisions on future content creation
  • Unifies content production into a single, cross-collaborative channel
  • Defines a content creation process
  • Integrates the enterprise landscape