Short intro to Sitecore Symphony

Sitecore Symphony is a front-end service, single development platform that uses a visual editor to compose experiences from multiple content sources, allowing for effective product integration.

Sitecore Symphony:
  1. Uses existing content from an XM solution or allows you to connect directly to Sitecore Content Hub and immediately embed your visual assets, media, and other content into your UI
  2. Connects directly to Sitecore Personalize to seamlessly configure A/B tests, allowing you to personalize a unique product experience for every user
  3. Supports Sitecore OrderCloud and Sitecore Discover
  4. Serves as a headless product that can stand alone or work in conjunction with other products
  5. Builds pixel-perfect front end experiences and Sitecore Commerce Storefronts—create new or use existing production components with the power of JSS and Sitecore’s visual editor