Short intro to Sitecore Discover

Sitecore Discover is a tool that is designed to help businesses personalize shopping experiences for their customers in real time. It uses intelligent search and recommendations, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), to deliver personalized search results that are tailored to individual visitors. This can help businesses increase customer engagement and drive higher revenue by providing relevant and targeted experiences to their customers.
Sitecore Discover also provides powerful merchandiser tools that help businesses maintain control over their search results and merchandising strategies. It provides data-driven results with on-demand eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) that show the impact of various metrics, such as conversion rates and revenue per visitor (RPV). This allows businesses to track the success of their search and personalization efforts and make informed decisions about how to optimize their site.
Overall, Sitecore Discover is a valuable tool for businesses looking to create personalized shopping experiences that drive higher engagement and revenue. Its intelligent search and recommendation features, along with its powerful merchandiser tools and data-driven insights, make it an essential part of any eCommerce strategy.