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Montag, 24. November 2014

Google analytics: How to activate site search tracking

Recently I should track the search terms on our own website search. This is an easy one, but it's sometimes hard to find the place.

0. Login to Google Analytics
1. Go to admin section in the top ribbon.
2. Click on "View Settings" link in the last right column.

GA Dashboard

3. I there you should find section called "Site Search Settings"

  1. Set a query parameter, that contains your search term. In my case its simply the letter "q". from the URL: en/Corporate/Search?q=test&
  2. Add a Category filter if you want to know which filter are the most used.

The result:

Go the the Reports > Behavoir > Site Search

Happy tracking.

Freitag, 21. November 2014

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Sitecore Usergroup Switzerland succesfully started.

On a Tuesday evening in November the first Sitecore usergroup Switzerland meeting take place.
The railway hub Olten is perfect to reach from Zurich or Berne.
Also we had great food sponsored by Sitecore and some beer of course.
Apart from the great location we hat 3 fantastic presentations hold by mvp or senior devs.

Here my summary:

First we heard a talk by Reto Hugi Sitecore mvp about Sitecore 8. He went to all the new not fully working stuff of the Sitecore 8 techical preview. I was impressed by the the new dashboard, the experience manager and analytics profiling based on mongoDB.
Also the federation experience manager (FXM) is very powerful tool to set Sitecore content on 3rd party or legacy websites. Also looking forward for the 50 OOTB DMS reports.

Better codequality with sonarqube - namics

This was the highlight for me of this evening. I know sonar and Jenkins from my former java time and was always impressed by this so useful tools. Long time I tried to set them both up for the .net world.
Till know I was not able to do it. One day later I give it again a try. This time set set up only sonarqube on my local machine, it is pretty easy and well documented. With the sonar runner I could check one of our biggest project and could fine a few blockers in our code.
Rafael and Stefan also presented some Sitecore specific rules which they implemented into sonar.
Also the promised to share them to the the SUGCH. Thanks both for sharing your experience!

3 layer architecture - Kevin Brechbuehl

In this talk Kevin presented how to set up a independent 3 layer architecture. This was cool to see the lean and well structured code. Also the tests run perfectly through.
All the stuff can be find on his blog: http://ctor.io/

Thanks for the great event. Looking forward for the next one.

My little topic wishlist:
- Sitecore search / facets / solar and index strategies 
- how to build nice, customizable and user friendly forms 
- DMS helper class for the most tracking things